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THANK YOU for your generous support of our 2016 Wounded Angels Campaign for War Wounded Syrian Refugee Children 

So much appreciation and gratitude to you for supporting this program. It is difficult to convey in words the profound impact your generosity will have on the lives of these courageous children. You have not only given the gift of mobility, but shone a light towards a way back from the terrifying ordeal they have suffered.  As the war continues there will be more children who will need the services, care, and protection that the center provides, and we are so grateful to count on your care and support.  May 2017 bring Peace and healing to Syria.

Please visit us at www.poluscenter.org to follow Wounded Angels and find out more about the people and programs we support 

War Wounded Children of Syria

A Generation In CrisisSyrian refugee children are among the worlds most vulnerable. Exposed to inexplicable atrocities of war, thousands have sustained traumatic limb loss, and many have lost home and family, 


We are The Polus Center for Social & Economic Development, a Massachusetts based non-profit humanitarian organization, that has been working closely with Jordanian and Syrian rehabilitation facilities in Amman, to bring a sustainable, child centered, holistic approach to war wounded child victims of conflict.

Taking the time to listen to our patients and assess their care on an individual basis is part of our mission. Getting to know the whole person and their family helps to build trust and find out what else may be needed to make recovery as successful as possible.

photo by Stephen Petegorsky

Providing complete rehabilitation care. From artificial limbs & mobility devices, to physical therapy and specialized trauma counseling, our programs address the complex needs of war wounded refugee youth & their families.

We are working toward a sustainable future by creating training programs at our partner centers in Jordan.  We are working with Cambridge College and Boston Children's hospital to advance the trauma training of counselors, and offer a post graduate prosthetics program in order to build capacity for the influx of refugees, and invest in the local workforce.

 "The key is to provide artificial limbs and simultaneously help the children cope with the multiple traumas they have experienced. Treating the whole patient, and building a personal connection, completely transforms the recovery process and helps develop the skills necessary to face new challenges." 

- Michael Lundquist , Executive Director , Polus Center for Social & Economic Development

Thank you to our Partner organizations, and the Foundations, and Agencies that support this critical, life saving work. 

Akram Al Ramini, Executive Director and staff of Asia Development Training, with Natalie Wazir and Katie Coffey of the U.S. Department of State Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement at the Al Bader Rehabilitation Center in Amman, Jordan.

Partners Asia Development Training, Al Bader Center, Al Salaam Center, Souriat Across Borders Foundations and Agencies  Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, U.S. Department of State Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement. Read more about our WRA partnership


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